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Rules of  Dollar Play LTD!

We kindly request every prospective user of system to study these rules and terms. If you do not agree with any item of effective rules please do not register in our project.


1.      Account.


1.1. To open an account in  Dollar Play LTD! you should be at least 18 years old at the moment of registration. 

1.2. You have to submit only your real data during registration.

1.3. It is allowed to open only one account on one name. In case of revealing more than one account the company has a full right to deactivate / delete this account temporarily or forever.

1.4. The company leaves the right to accept or to reject the registration of user without explaining the reasons.

1.5. All data submitted by the Company’s investor will be used only for protect your personal data and for some financial operation to be effected.

1.6. The company guarantees that your data will be not be passed to the third parties.

1.7. The user is responsible for preservation of your personal data, such as a password, e-wallet number of payment system or e-mail.

1.8. The company is not responsible for loss of funds during transferring the personal data by the user to the third parties.


2.      Recharge.


2.1. Every user of the system has the right to enter the funds to his/her personal account by recharging the balance by means of any payment systems listed below.

2.2. PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin for payment...

2.3. Minimal amount of investment is 6$.

2.4. The funds are recharged as soon as payment is effected through the interface of payment system.

2.5. Every operation of recharge is a private deal between the user and  Dollar Play LTD!


3.      Investment Plans.

3.1.  Dollar Play LTD! offers at choice one of five investment plans.

3.2. Investment term as well as an interest rate depends on the chosen investment plan of the company.

3.3. Deposit is not included in the payments but it is paid on termination of investment term.

3.4. Investor has 24-hours access to all performed operation in  Dollar Play LTD!


4.      Payments.


4.1. Payments in the project are effected 24/7.

4.2. Funds are entered the account of investor in the payment system within 48 hours from the moment of making an application for withdraw.

4.3. The only sum specified on the balance of investor in the private account is accessible for withdraw.


5.      Referral Program.



5.1. Referral compensation in  Dollar Play LTD! is fixed and amounts to 6% of sum of the referral’s deposit.

5.2. Referral compensation is available for withdraw after entering a deposit by your referral.


6.      Anti-SPAM Policy.


6.1. Any methods of SPAM distribution are not allowed in the project. In case of revealing accounts distributing SPAM the administration will deactivate /delete the account’s data forever.

6.2. The administration of  Dollar Play LTD! calls upon all users to inform immediately about any attempts of SPAM at the site/on behalf of the company.


7.      Copyright.


7.1. The Company is the only owner of content on the site.

7.2. Copying of various data from the Company’s site is allowed only by indicating a reference to the source.



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